The Main Causes of Damage to Your Safe & How to Protect It

You will usually hear about the things that can damage the contents of your safe. And while that's important, you also have to protect the safe itself. The greatest threat to the integrity of the safe is from impacts and intentional damage. Know the Main Causes of Damage 1. Impacts: Impacts are any blunt force applied to the safe. This can come from the safe falling or an object striking the safe. Read More 

Common Questions About Pipe Repairs

While there are many simple plumbing issues you can tackle yourself, such as removing most clogs and tightening leaky faucets, fixing a leaky or cracked pipe is an involved task that's often best left to a plumber. Still, it's important for homeowners to know a bit about pipe repairs, so they can determine when to call a plumber and what to expect when he or she arrives. Here's a look at a few common questions about pipe repairs, as well as their answers. Read More 

Care Instructions For Granite Countertops

Granite countertops turn your bathrooms and kitchens into elegant rooms filled with luxury. Available in shades of tan, gray, black, purple, red and green, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to granite countertops. Granite is a natural stone that is very durable and can last a long time, but it also needs careful cleaning and maintenance: Keeping Your Countertops Clean The first thing to know is how to keep your granite countertops clean. Read More 

Confused About Heating Oil? The Truth Behind Four Common Myths

If you're new to using heating oil as your home's heat source, you may be wondering if that oil-burning furnace is the best choice for your home. There is a lot of information out there about home heating oil, including a lot of myths and inaccuracies. Before you make a final decision to keep or replace your home's oil heat, here's a look at the truths behind some of the most common myths associated with heating oil and its use. Read More 

Tips For Protecting And Performing Maintenance On Your Electric Motor

If you own any kind of vehicle or construction equipment that runs on an electric motor as opposed to gas, you are likely enjoying the energy savings that the electric motor is bringing you. While it might be easier overall to maintain an electric motor compared with other types, this does not mean that they are maintenance-free. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind if you own any kind of vehicle or equipment that runs on electricity. Read More