Septic Drain Field Repair Or Replacement: FAQ

The septic drain field serves the vital purpose of allowing fluid waste to be deposited into the ground where it is naturally filtered and returned back to the environment. When something goes wrong with the drain field, your septic system can be rendered dysfunctional. Clogs and poorly functioning parts can create a sewage swamp in the drain field and backups in the house. Take a look at some of the things you likely want to know about septic tank drain field repairs and replacements. Read More 

Woah, Woah, Woah, Where Did All My Water Go? 4 Water Well Installation Tips To Ensure You Have Running Water All Year

It seems as if the summer droughts get worse every year, and if you rely on well water this can be a problem. Therefore, you want to plan for your drilling and prepare for water well installation to avoid problems with a dry well. The following water well installation tips will help ensure you have running water all year and fewer problems with low water levels: 1. Surveying Your Property for The Best Possible Water Well Locations Read More 

4 Tips To Protect Plastic Plumbing Systems From Causing Damage In Your Home

The installation of plastic plumbing systems is becoming more common because they are less expensive than conventional copper pipes. Plastic pipes can be a great choice for your household plumbing, but they can also be vulnerable to damage due to fittings, cracks, and cold weather. Below are some tips that will help prevent your plastic plumbing system from causing damage to your home. 1. Protecting Plastic Plumbing from Damage in Cold Weather Read More 

What Customers Need To Know About Demolition Work

Putting a demolition services provider to work on a project is a good way to see that it'll be handled in a safe and an efficient manner. There's a lot more to the job, though, than pointing at a structure and saying it needs to go. Before you roll forward with a project, here's what you want to know about the process. Do You Need a Demolitionist? Rule vary from state to state, and the basis for whether you need a licensed demolitionist is usually predicated on either the total cost of the project, such as in California, or location-specific concerns, such as Pennsylvania's asbestos abatement rules. Read More 

3 Solid Material Options To Consider For Residential Siding

One of the more important exterior elements of your home is the siding. It plays a huge aesthetic role and also protects your home from the elements. If your current siding is outdated and needs to be replaced, consider these material options.   1. Fiber-Cement  One material that's gained a lot of traction in the residential housing market is fiber-cement. It's one of the more durable options you can choose today. That's because it will not damage from fires, wind, rain, hail, and even insects. Read More