Signs The Compressor In Your AC Condenser Might Be Going Bad And Possible Repairs It May Need

One way to know when your air conditioner is having problems is when it makes unusual noises. You might hear these in the air handler or outside in the condenser. When the noises are outside in the condenser, they may be coming from the compressor. Here are some signs the compressor may be going out and what an AC repair service may need to do to fix the problem.

Signs Of A Bad AC Compressor 

When something is wrong with the compressor, you might hear grinding, rattling, or ticking noises. Besides making unusual noises, your air conditioner may not cool your home very well and it may have diminished airflow when the compressor is bad. If the compressor fails completely, your air conditioner won't be able to cool your home. When you notice your AC not cooling or when you hear odd noises coming from the condenser, call an AC repair service so irreversible damage isn't done to the compressor.

Reasons A Compressor Goes Bad

The compressor is a major component of your air conditioner, and it should last for many years. However, if other parts go bad, they can cause damage to the compressor. This is one reason it's important to get quick repairs done and to have annual maintenance on your AC.

Something as simple as dirty condenser coils could lead to problems with the compressor. Bad AC fuses or other electrical problems can also be to blame. Low refrigerant can also cause the compressor to fail. Anything that causes stress on the compressor for long enough can cause the compressor to overheat, overwork, and stop functioning.

Repairs Your AC May Need

The AC repair technician has to test the various electronic parts, refrigerant lines, and wiring connected to the compressor to figure out what's affecting its performance. Problems with the fan, fan motor, condenser coils, capacitor, or wiring could eventually affect the compressor if repairs are not done fast enough. These parts can be repaired or replaced for less cost than replacing the compressor, and that's why prompt repairs are important.

If the compressor goes bad and it's not possible to make repairs, it will need to be replaced. Since the compressor is an expensive part, you may want to replace the entire condenser so all the parts are new. The AC repair technician can help you decide based on the age of the condenser and the condition of other important parts, such as the condenser coils and refrigerant lines.

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