Love Christmas? Keep These Ideas In Mind When Designing Your Custom Home

As you work with a builder, such as Mike Cusack Homes, to decide how you want your custom home to look and feel, it's a good idea to think about the topics that are particular appealing to you. If you love entertaining, for example, you might want a large kitchen and a two-level deck. If you're someone for whom Christmas is the most exciting time of the year, it can be a good idea to design your home accordingly. Think about how you want your home to look during the Christmas season, and then work with your builder to ensure that the design will suit you and your family. Here are some features that you may want in this scenario.


There are few features around the home that are as appealing at Christmastime as a fireplace. If you currently live in a home without this feature, you may play the fireplace channel on your TV for much of December. As you design your custom home, think about how much fun you'll have at Christmas with an actual fireplace. In addition to serving its chief function of warming your home to keep your family cozy, you'll also have a place to hang stockings and gather around with your children.

Vaulted Ceiling

You may also wish to entertain the idea of having at least one room in your home with a vaulted ceiling. This is an angled ceiling that is significantly higher than a conventional ceiling. It helps to keep the room feeling spacious and bright, but there's another big benefit to consider for a family that loves Christmas. Around the holidays, you'll be able to fit a tall Christmas tree into the room that has the vaulted ceiling. In a conventional room, only a smaller tree may fit — and that might not suit you, given your love of decorating for the holidays.

Open Staircase

Some homes have walls on each side of the staircase, giving it an enclosed feel. If you're a Christmas lover who is designing his or her custom home with the holidays partly in mind, you may wish to consider an open staircase. This is a staircase that has a wall on one side, but has a railing and balusters on the other. The benefit of this design around Christmastime is that the open side of the staircase can be ideal for decorating. For example, you can run a string of lights and a garland along the balusters or hang bows along the outside of the railing to make the area festive.