How Gutter Covers Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Gutters are often just taken for granted, but they play an important role in the protection of your home. Gutters route water away from your roof and foundation, so they should be clear of debris and working properly at all times. It's not always easy to keep gutter troughs clean, especially if you're busy or find it difficult to climb a ladder and do the physical labor involved. Gutter covers could be the solution that keeps debris out of your gutters so you don't have to worry about clogs. Here's how they work.

1. Covers Attach to the Gutters and Not the Roof

Gutter covers don't need to attach to your roof with nails or screws, so there is no risk of them harming your roof. The covers shouldn't interfere with your roof warranty when they're installed properly. The covers slip under the last row of shingles or tiles so rain rolls on the covers and slides into your gutters.

Covers can be used with most types of roofing. The gutters stay in place by attaching to the gutter troughs in different ways such as snapping on. Gutter covers often come with a warranty as long as they're installed by a contractor, so you may want to avoid DIY installation.

2. Metal Covers Are Strong and Durable

Leaves aren't the only threat to gutters. Animals like squirrels and birds sometimes get in gutters and build nests. Covers keep the animals out. When covers are made of aluminum, squirrels won't gnaw their way through, for example. Plus, covers will stand up to the weight of a squirrel scampering across the roof or to the weight of snow and ice in the winter.

3. Covers Block Tiny Debris and Handle Heavy Rain

There are different types of gutter covers you can buy, so compare them first before deciding on the right type for your property. Some have a tight mesh that keeps out even tiny pine needles. Others have larger mesh that is intended to keep out leaves and other debris while allowing a high volume of melting snow or rain to enter the troughs.

When choosing covers, you'll want to check how much rain volume they can handle. Covers are generally designed to handle heavy rain on a scale beyond what you'll see, so you don't have to worry about covers causing rain to spill over the sides of the gutters.

4. Covers Blend in with the Gutters

Gutter covers come in different colors so they match the color of your gutters and blend in with the rest of the gutters. You don't have to worry about the covers making the exterior of your home look ugly. Some covers even fit inside the troughs so they're out of sight. The aluminum covers need little maintenance since they won't rust or deteriorate. However, you may need to wash the covers occasionally when you wash the gutters to keep them clean.

Gutter covers cut down on the amount of debris in your gutters or they may even eliminate it entirely. While that's good news for you since you won't have to spend hours cleaning gutters each year, the most important benefit is the protection the covers provide to the foundation and roof of your home by ensuring the troughs are clear of debris and allow rain to flow through.