4 Tips To Protect Plastic Plumbing Systems From Causing Damage In Your Home

The installation of plastic plumbing systems is becoming more common because they are less expensive than conventional copper pipes. Plastic pipes can be a great choice for your household plumbing, but they can also be vulnerable to damage due to fittings, cracks, and cold weather. Below are some tips that will help prevent your plastic plumbing system from causing damage to your home.

1. Protecting Plastic Plumbing from Damage in Cold Weather

During the winter months, cold weather can cause serious damage to the plumbing in your home. With plastic plumbing systems, there are pipes, fittings, and other components are more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it is important that the pipes and other components of your plumbing system are insulated and protected from the cold weather outside.

2. Different Plastic Pipe Fittings That Can Leak and Cause Damage

With plastic pipes, there are several different types of fittings that are used. These fittings are often special clamps that crimp pipes and can leak. Anywhere you have a plastic plumbing connection with fittings or adaptors to connect different types of pipes, you will want to watch for leaks and repair the fittings to prevent serious damage to your home.

3. Plastic Pipe Manifolds and Dealing with Maintenance and Repairs

Another component of a plastic plumbing system is a plastic pipe manifold. These manifolds help to deliver water more efficiently, reduce waste, and save energy. The pipe manifolds of your household plumbing can make maintenance and repairs easier, but they can also be the cause of leaks and problems that cause damage to your home. You will want to check manifolds for problems like leaks around plumbing lines and damage to the manifold that cause issues with leaks or loss of water pressure.

4. Avoid Folds in Plastic Pipe Bends That Can Cause Problems and Eventually Leak

The benefits of plastic plumbing include them being flexible, which means they can be bent around obstacles for fewer connections when installing new pipes. When the plastic pipes are bent too much, this can cause them to be crimped. The areas where pipes are bent too much can cause problems like low water pressure and leaks due to them being crimped.

These are some tips to help prevent damage to your home due to plastic plumbing systems. If you are having problems with low water pressure, contact a water pressure testing service to help solve the problems with your plastic plumbing system.