Five Features To Look For When Purchasing A New Toilet

Bathrooms have evolved immensely over the years. Not only do you have the luxury of using the restroom inside your home, but you also have all sorts of new features and technology to make your bathroom experience even better. If you need to replace a toilet in your home and it's been some time since you've made this type of purchase, make sure you know what to look for.


Are you an in and out type of person or do you need an actual throne? The level of comfort you require for your new toilet will be largely based on the shape of the bowl. Typically, toilets come in a round or elongated bowl style, which somewhat mimics an egg. An elongated bowl is thought to be the more comfortable option because it more closely follows the contours of the body.


On a list of ideal ways to spend a weekend afternoon, toilet cleaning is likely not on the list, but it's a task that must be completed. To keep your cleaning efforts easier, choose a one-piece toilet. One-piece toilets don't have small cracks and other spots where dirt and grime can settle, which often makes them easier to clean.  


You can keep more money in your wallet by paying attention to the efficiency level at which the toilet operates. In terms of water usage, efficiency is rated based on the flushing style of the toilet. Low-flush toilets are designed to conserve water by using fewer gallons of water to flush a toilet than a traditional toilet. 


Be mindful of the number of people that will use the toilet. For this issue, pay attention to the toilets flushing rating. For high traffic areas, you want a toilet with a higher rating. This feature is so important because the higher the rating, the better the toilet's ability to remove waste and avoid clogging. A low performing toilet in a high traffic bathroom is a disaster waiting to happen. 


Smart home technology has officially made its way into the bathroom. Modern toilets have all types of features ranging from LED lights to self-flushing to remote control flushing. While some of these features might seem unnecessary, many of them are quite helpful. For example, a LED light around your toilet can help guide you to the seat in the middle of the night. As a result, you don't have to turn the larger light on, which might wake you up and make it difficult for you to return to sleep.

Don't hesitate to call on the expertise of a plumber. Sure, a plumber can install your new toilet, but one of these professionals can also help you with the selection process to ensure you choose just the right option.

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