3 Solid Material Options To Consider For Residential Siding

One of the more important exterior elements of your home is the siding. It plays a huge aesthetic role and also protects your home from the elements. If your current siding is outdated and needs to be replaced, consider these material options.  

1. Fiber-Cement 

One material that's gained a lot of traction in the residential housing market is fiber-cement. It's one of the more durable options you can choose today. That's because it will not damage from fires, wind, rain, hail, and even insects. Since it does last so long, you don't really have to worry about repairing or replacing this siding material any time soon.

Fiber-cement is a material that also comes in virtually any color. You can even take a multi-colored approach to fiber-cement, for a dynamic look that will make your home's exterior pop like never before. Lastly, it's made from a lot of recycled materials -- so you can do your part to enhance your home and better the environment.

2. Metal 

Another durable material that is pretty easy to maintain over the years is metal. It can hold up in any element, be it rain, snow, or wind. You'll typically see metal siding on homes that are going for a rustic or even modern look. There are so many types of metal to consider as well, including aluminum, steel, and zinc. Steel is one of the strongest options and weighs a lot. Since it is so heavy, steel often has to be installed by professionals. Aluminum is a little lighter and more affordable, which is great if you're on a tight budget.

3. Vinyl 

Having a home that is energy-efficient is important for cutting your energy costs each month. You can do just that when you set up vinyl siding on your home. It enables your home to retain heat and cool air throughout the seasons. Vinyl is also completely weatherproof, like the material options listed above. The only real maintenance you'll have to do from time to time is washing off dirt. You can easily clean vinyl with a portable pressure washer. Even better, vinyl is one of the more affordable siding materials. 

If your siding has lost some of its character and structural integrity, you may need to find a replacement. There are so many great material options you can choose. So that the option you select works out long-term, keep in mind specific attributes that matter most to you.