Common Roofing Problems And How To Repair Them

Roofs are much like any other part of your home, it isn't permanent and needs to be properly maintained in order to lengthen its life. Over time, you may spot an issue or two that needs to be repaired. Read on for some common roofing problems and what you can do to repair them.

Shingle Issues

If you have asphalt shingles, you may have spotted one or two that have begun to curl. Shingles can curl over time from water damage or from sun damage. The shingles on your roof can also become loose and fall/blow off of your roof leaving the wood below exposed. If you have had any of these problems, you need to replace these shingles with new ones. Remove the curling shingles and then replace them with new ones. Missing shingles should be replaced with new ones as well, after you've inspected the wood below to be sure you don't have any soft spots.

To replace the shingles, you'll need to take out the nails holding the tab above in place. Then slide the new tab in and nail it in place, nailing the set above as well. Make sure to add tar paper below the shingles if need be.

Soffit Issues

If your soffit has any holes it in, small animals or insects can get inside and cause a bigger problem for you. These small holes can also lead to rotting of the wood on your overhang. Replace the piece of soffit that has a hole in it by purchasing a new piece of soffit. Remove the damaged piece and nail a new one in place.

Fascia Issues

The fascia can also rot if there is damage and can be a great place for pests and insects to hide or nest. Make repairs to the fascia as needed. If there is an issue with your gutters, the fascia can get damaged by water. Inspect your gutters as well to make sure your fascia doesn't get damaged again. Look for sagging gutters and gutters that have pulled away from the house; clogs in the gutters can cause this damage, so check for any signs of clogs, such as built up debris.

Flashing Issues

If the flashing on your roof is not in good shape, it may lead to leaks and damage to your roof. Inspect the flashing on your roof around dormers, chimneys, and piping on your roof. Caulk around the flashing and replace any that is broken or that has gotten damaged.

If you notice issues with your roof and aren't sure how to repair it, call a professional roofing company like The Patio Cover Guy for help.