Adding A Guest Apartment To Your Home: Four Features To Consider

Adding a guest apartment to your home can be a wonderful way to increase your square footage and provide a cozy place for friends and family to stay when visiting. Of course, this home addition can also be used for other purposes when you don't have guests over. Here are a few features to discuss with your general contractor when planning out your new guest apartment.


Adding a kitchenette gives your guests a place to make their own coffee and snacks without disturbing anything in the main kitchen. It's also an ideal feature to add to your guest apartment if you are considering using it as a short-term rental space. The kitchenette should include a sink, small dishwasher, and built-in microwave. Be sure to add enough cabinet space to hold a small cookware set, dishes, and dry goods.

Walk-In Closet

Give your guests a luxurious feeling by giving them their very own walk-in closet. This space should include shelves for shoes and drawers for clothing in addition to dowel rods for hanging clothing. This provides a host of options for tucking away personal items for guests staying in your new apartment living space. If you don't have guests often, you can use the closet as an added storage space.

Loft Area

One way to make the apartment seem larger and provide additional living space options is to add a loft area. This area can be used as a sleeping area, or it makes a fun play area for your little guests. Work with your general contractor to find a layout that works for your available space. The loft should have a sturdy railing design to for added safety as well as a permanent staircase leading up to the loft.

Breakfast Bar

Your guest apartment might not have enough space to create a formal dining room, but that doesn't mean you can't create a place for guests to dine. A breakfast bar added to the kitchenette or even the main living area provides a cozy place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick breakfast every day. Be sure to have cabinets built into the breakfast bar, as this provides additional storage options for personal items or supplies.

As you plan out your guest apartment home addition, talk to your contractor about how the floor plan fits with your home. For example, the door leading to the rest of your home might be situated in the living room, but the door to the outside might need to be placed in the kitchen. Working out these details in advance can help you determine the exact layout of your new room addition