3 Ways To Change Your Kitchen On A Budget

If you want to change how your kitchen feels, but you are on a budget, you can still make significant changes to your kitchen without tearing it all out and starting over. Small changes can really transform a place.

1.Paint The Cabinets White

Ripping out your existing cabinets and replacing them with new cabinets is a really expensive endeavor that can quickly put a kitchen remodel out of your budget. If you have good quality cabinets, but just don't like how they look, changing their appearance is an easy way to stay on budget while changing the feel of your kitchen.

What can really transform your kitchen is repainting the cabinets a bright color. White is the most common bright color used in kitchen remodel projects, but it is not your only option. You could go with another bright color, such as turquoise, as the main color for your cabinets. Or you could paint your cabinets white and trim them using a more bright and playful color.

Painting your cabinets a bright color will open your kitchen up to light and make it feel larger.

2.Change Out The Hardware

Second, change out the hardware on your existing cabinets. The hardware on your cabinets is comprised of the hinges, handles and nobs you find on your cabinetry. Taking off the hardware on your existing cabinets is an easy process, you just need to unscrew them. Since you are going to have to remove the hardware anyways to paint your cabinets, this is a great time to make this upgrade.

Your hardware can really define how your newly remodeled kitchen looks. You can go with modern hardware for a clean and sleek look, you can go with funky mismatching hardware for a more art deco look or you can go with more traditional looking hardware.

3.Add New Light Fixtures

Finally, don't forget about the light fixtures in your kitchen. Kitchen lights that were put up in the 70s and 80s can really date your home and leave your kitchen looking old even after you have remodeled it.

Change out the existing light fixtures with new fixture that fit with the overall them of your kitchen remodel. You may want to also consider adding more light to your kitchen. Under the counter lights provide great task lighting and recessed overhead lights with a dimming function can help set the mood in your kitchen.

Stay within your kitchen remodel budget by painting and changing the hardware on your cabinets instead of replacing them and by adding new light fixtures and lighting options to your kitchen.