Low-Pitch And Flat Residential Roofs: 3 Best Choices For Lightweight Wood Structures

In residential construction, homes usually have asphalt shingles, which are fine for traditional sloped roofs that have steep pitches. When the roof is a low-pitch or flat design, different types of roofing materials need to be used. Some of the choices include coatings, bitumen rolls, and membranes. Considering that homes usually have a wood frame structure, the lighter materials work best. Here are a few of the best choices for flat roofs on homes and other wood framed structures:

Durable, Seamless Solutions with Roof Coatings on Flat Roofs

On homes, flat roofs are often design features or additions, which mean they meet with the sloped sections of the roof. The areas where two roofs meet often leak, which is solved by using a roof coating. Roof coatings seal areas where there is potential for leaks, such as where different roofs meet. In addition, roof coatings do not have seams, so there is less potential for damage due to wind or seams becoming unglued. Coatings can even be installed over many existing roofing materials for an affordable replacement or repair solution.

An Affordable Membrane with EPDM Roofing Materials on Flat Roofs

EPDM roofing is one of the most commonly used roofing membrane materials. This rubber-like material is less expensive than coatings or PVC and ideal for larger roofs. For roofs with high foot traffic, such as commercial buildings, EPDM is susceptible to punctures. In residential construction, the foot traffic is minimal, so EPDM membranes are often the more affordable choice of roofing materials.  

Durable and Long-Lasting Roof with PVC Roofing Membranes on Flat Roofs

If you want to have a durable, long-lasting roof, the best material is PVC roofing membranes. PVC is also the most expensive flat roof material. With PVC membrane, you have a material that is resistant to decay from the elements, as well as punctures from foot traffic. If you have a home with a contemporary design and features like roof top terraces, PVC membrane is an ideal material to ensure that leaks do not occur. PVC is ideal for flat roof surfaces that will have high foot traffic and need to be durable and resistant to punctures that cause leaks.

These are some of the best choices for flat roofing on wood framed structures.  If your roof needs a flat roof or repairs to roofing, contact roofing contractors and talk with them about some of these options for lightweight materials.