Droops, Sags, & Drips | Diagnosing Clogged Gutters From The Ground

When you think about checking out your gutters for clogs, what is it that comes to mind? If you are like most homeowners, you'll think about the daunting chore of dragging out the ladder and then making your way up on the roof to take a look. Even though getting up on top of your house may be the best way to get a good look at your home's gutters and what's inside, this is not ideal if you are afraid of heights or have mobility problems. There are better ways to pinpoint signs of trouble even with your feet still planted firmly on the ground. Check out these ways to diagnose clogged gutters that will not require a dangerous ascension to the rooftop. 

Use a long object to test the sound density of gutter sections. 

It is no big secret that something empty will make a different sound when tapped than something full. Yet, many homeowners never consider using the tap testing method on their gutters even though this is a good way to see if certain sections of your gutter system are filled with debris. Grab a broom, rake, or even just a long pole of some kind that is long enough to reach the gutters and use it to gently tap different sections. If you notice some sections have a more dense, solid sound when you tap them, they could be clogged with debris. 

Test for gutter flow with a long spray nozzle on your hose. 

You know those elongated metal sprayers you can attach to your hose to water your landscape and garden? These also work well when you are testing for gutter clogs but want to stay on the ground. Even though they may not be quite long enough to reach, you should be able to aim the sprayer at the gutters to get the water inside. Simply attach the long nozzle and spray water into the gutters to see if it flows down through the downspouts as it should. 

Snap some pics of your gutters from above using your cell phone and a selfie stick. 

Who says selfie sticks are just for teens? Borrow your child's or pick up a cheap one at just about any retail store. These devices hold your phone at one telescoping end so it can be extended out several feet and then you can take pictures by hitting a button on the handle. You should be able to snap some decent pics above your gutters with a short stepping stool and the selfie stick to get a better idea of what things look like up there. 

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