Special Considerations And Concerns With Commercial Flat Roofs

If your business has a flat roof or you're considering on buying a building that has one, then you may wonder what types of problems and maintenance you will need to prepare for. Many residential and commercial buildings with flat roofs share the same problems, but commercial buildings have a few extra issues that are more common to them. Damage from leaks or roof collapse could not only mean you will need a bigger budget for roof repairs, but it also may wreck your business equipment and cause you to stop work until repairs are done. Here are some common flat roof problems for all flat roofs as well as specific problems just for commercial roofs.

Common overall flat roof problems:

One of the problems that flat roofs have, in general, is leaking. Having a flat roof means that there is a chance that water going to pool somewhere on it unless the drainage is well designed and maintained. Leaks can also be caused by other problems, such as shrinkage in the bitumen lining causing seams to open up and let in water. Damage to the lining may contribute to other problems such as wind-related issues, including tenting and pieces blowing away. Leaks can also happen around pipe flashing and edges, and many membranes can break apart just from weather exposure. Much the time, a periodic inspection and drain and gutter cleaning can help alleviate these problems.

Special issues with commercial roofs:

Commercial roofing is not only susceptible to many of the same problems that residential roofs have but have special considerations that may exacerbate these issues. For one, many commercial roofs often have larger ventilation and drainage pipes that increase the risk of problems with the flashing simply because they require more material that could shrink or break apart. Your business may have extra equipment, such as large air conditioning units, on the roof which increases the need for extra structure supports that may wear or break apart. This extra equipment may also require extra maintenance and could mean that more people are likely to be walking on your roof than usual increasing the chance of wear and damage. Commercial roofs also tend to be bigger which means there's more material that can come loose or leak.

Fortunately, flat roofs don't automatically mean trouble for every business. With proper maintenance, you can keep the overall repair costs low. When it comes time to replace your roof, be sure to use a professional roofer who specializes in flat roofs. It's important the these roofs be restored to their original condition to reduce the chance of future problems.

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