3 Geothermal Maintenance Problems That You May Need To Deal With

Geothermal mechanical systems can be great to reduce energy costs, but they are not maintenance-free. Just like any other type of mechanical system, there is going to be some tasks that need to be done to ensure your system is working properly. This may include treating liquids and maintaining pumps. You may also need to have the casing inspected occasionally and do maintenance to other mechanical components. Here are some tips to help you with the maintenance of your geothermal systems:

1. Cleaning Liquids And Dealing With Minerals Causing Hard Water

There are a couple of types of geothermal wells that you can have installed -- open or close loop systems. The closed loop system reuses the same liquids in a loop of pipe, while an open loop will use the ground water in the well. Sometimes, you may need to treat the water for contamination, which with an open loop may be flushing the well to remove debris from the casing. With a closed loop well, you may need to treat the well to reduce mineral build up and remove contaminates.

2. Dealing With Mechanical Problems With Pumps On Geothermal Wells

Mechanical systems can also be a problem with geothermal systems. Since the pump runs more frequently than with a conventional water well, it can have a lot more wear. Sometimes, seals and other parts of the pump may need to be replaced to keep it running. After many years of wear, the pump may even need to be completely replaced to ensure that the system is working properly. It is also important to have your geothermal pump inspected regularly, such as by Jamison  Well Drilling Inc,  to ensure it is in working order.

3. Replacing Parts That Are Going To Eventually Wear Out And Need Replacing

There are many parts of a geothermal well system that may eventually need to be replaced. This can be parts of the well pump, as well as parts like pressure tanks, sensors and well casing components. When you have maintenance done to the pump, it is important that the other components of the system are inspected too. Your system may also have insulation on pipes, which you will want to inspect for damage regularly and do any necessary repairs. If you do not have insulated pipes, consider insulating them to improve the performance of your system.

These are some maintenance tips that you may want to consider for the maintenance of your geothermal systems. You can contact a pump repair service to get help with things such as pump replacement and mechanical maintenance chores.