3 Benefits Of Plastic Pallets

When you think about pallets, you probably think about them being made out of wood. However, some companies are switching over to plastic pallets. If you have not yet thought about switching to plastic pallets for transporting and storing your stock, consider these benefits of plastic pallets vs. those that are made out of wood. Once you do, you might find that there are multiple reasons why plastic pallets might be a better choice for your company.

1. They Can Be Cleaned More Thoroughly

One of the problems with wooden pallets is the fact that they are difficult -- if not impossible -- to thoroughly clean, due to their absorbent nature. Basically, liquids can penetrate the wood and be impossible to remove. Depending on what might spill on the pallets, this can be quite unsanitary. It can even be a safety hazard if flammable liquids or harsh chemicals are spilled on your wooden pallets. However, plastic pallets can actually be dried off and wiped down with an all-purpose cleaning solution or a mixture of bleach and water. If spills are a concern -- such as if you store liquid products in your warehouse -- then this is definitely something to think about when choosing your pallets.

2. They're Not As Appealing to Rodents and Pests

Rodents and other pests can be attracted to wooden pallets and can chew through them. Plastic, however, simply isn't as appealing for many pests. To help avoid encouraging an infestation, and to avoid dealing with permanent chewing-related damage to your pallets, consider opting for plastic. In a warehouse setting -- which can be appealing to pests already -- this is an important thing to consider.

3. They Can Last Longer

Wooden pallets only last for so long. If they get wet, they can begin to rot. They can splinter and break more easily than plastic pallets as well. Even though you might find that the pricing on wooden pallets is a bit more affordable than the pricing on plastic pallets, you should not have to replace your pallets as often. Plastic pallets can be used over and over again, which can make them a much more affordable choice. Plus, even though the pallets are made of plastic, they can actually cause less waste.

Even though you might have traditionally always used wooden pallets for material handling, it's a good idea to at least consider using plastic pallets. Contact a material handling equipment company for more information.