How To Dress Up Your Garage Door For The Holidays

The next time you are decorating the inside of your home for the holidays, do not forget about the outside. One outside area specifically that tends to get overlooked is the garage door. Even though the holiday season is over, you can collect some ideas and go shopping for decorations while they are off-season and cheap. This way you will be prepared for the next holiday season. In fact, here are some ideas for decorating your garage door the next time the holiday season rolls around.

Make One Large Gift

If you can wrap your front door like a gift, the same can be done with your garage door. Pick a favorite pattern and start wrapping. You can even add a big red bow to the wrapping when you are done.

Channel Your Inner Michelangelo

Painting a holiday mural on your garage door may be the finishing touch needed for epic holiday decorating. You don't need to paint the Sistine Chapel; however, you can get creative and channel your inner artist. Map out your plan on a piece a paper before painting the garage. You can just paint over it once the holiday season is over.

Light Up the Neighborhood

Add a little pizazz to your garage door by putting up holiday lights. Whether they are white, multi-colored, or blue, they can really make your house pop. You can also be a little creative by having them on a timer and flashing to the beat of your favorite holiday tune. You could even incorporate them around that fantastic mural you painted.

Projection Can Bring Holiday Perfection

If you do not have the desire to poke a few holes or add a couple of coats of paint that is okay. Technology is a great tool, and you can use it to spruce up your garage door. Projectors are all the craze these days. Let your garage door be the big screen in the neighborhood and use it to share holiday cheer or a scene from your favorite holiday movie.

Keep It Simple

Slap a wreath on the door, add a couple of removable holiday stickers, and tack on tinsel. There is nothing wrong with going in the direction of more simplistic décor.

Regardless of how you choose to spread holiday cheer, the important thing is to have fun doing it. Holiday decorating is meant to be creative and beautiful. So why not aim to have a great time while dressing up your garage door? For more tips and information on improving the look of your garage door, contact a company like Doors/Windows Unlimited Inc.