2 Kinds Of Window Screens To Think About

When you look at your windows, you may only think about the window frames or glass, but that's not the only part of your window that you need to worry about. You also need to think about the window screens. Here are two types of window screens that you may not have thought about before.

Pet-Resistant Fabric Screening

You love your dog or cat, but they can be somewhat destructive on your furniture, clothing, and window screens. Dogs can accidentally run into the screen on your door or window on their way in or out. Your cat may scratch the screen or try to climb it. All these things can lead to droopy, ripped screens that are full of hole. 

A solution to your pet problem is to install a fabric screen. Fabric screens are made out of a woven polyester material, making them more flexible than metal screening. They may also be covered in nylon or vinyl. Those coatings will make the screen stronger and give it strength and flexibility to bounce back from your pets. 

Insect-Resistant Screening

Part of the reason that you need to have window screening is to keep the bugs out of your house. If you have a patio you may also want to have it screened in so that you don't get annoyed by bugs while you are out there. One problem with this is that there are tiny insects. Whether you call them no-see'ums, black flies, or gnats, they can get into your screened-in area and start pestering you. 

Insect-resistant screening is more closely woven than other kinds of screening. That keeps the tiny bugs out where they belong instead of in your house or patio area biting and annoying you. These screens are also generally coated in something like vinyl so that they can stand up to the weather better. There are some negative aspects to this style of screen. One is that it will cut down on the amount of light that will go into your house or patio area. The other issue is that the tight weave can also block some of the breezes that might otherwise come through the screen, especially if they are light breezes. 

Getting the right screening material for your windows, screen doors, or patio enclosures is important. You really need to think about the screens as well as the glass. If you do decide that you need new window screens, contact a company such as Roys Screen Service to have them properly installed.