Addressing Common Roofing Questions

Roofing problems can be a source of tremendous stress for any homeowner, and it should come as no surprise that there are a couple of questions that some people may need answered when it comes to this part of their home. If this applies to you, learning the following couple of answers will help you to make smart choices to ensure that your home's roof avoids some routine problems that can lead to major damages and expensive repairs. 

What Is A Good Option If You Want A Low Maintenance Roof?

Maintaining a roof is a surprisingly labor intensive task. If you have a shingled roof, you will need to inspect it following every severe storm to help ensure that it has avoided damage. Also, this type of roof will need to be thoroughly washed on a regular schedule to avoid mold and mildew growing.

For these individuals, it will be preferable to opt for a metal roof. These roofs require far less maintenance to keep them in good condition. Once every few years, you will want to have a protective sealant applied to the roof to reduce the risk of corrosion developing, but a contractor will be able to perform this work in a single day in most cases. 

How Can You Prevent Moss From Growing On Your Roof?

If your home has a shingled roof, you will want to take proactive steps to reduce the ability of moss to grow on the roof. When moss starts growing on a shingled roof, it can cause it to quickly start rotting. While it is possible to pressure wash the roof to remove moss, this is a labor-intensive task that you likely want to avoid. 

Luckily, it is possible for you to reduce the ability of moss to grow on the roof by applying an herbicide sealant. These sealants will kill plants before they are able to start growing on your roof, and this can drastically reduce the need to pressure wash the roof. 

Ensuring that your home's roof is in good condition requires you to be an informed homeowner, because making mistakes with this part of the home can cause serious structural and aesthetic issues for the house. By understanding your option for a low maintenance roof and how to minimize the growth of moss, you will be able to make informed decisions when it comes to your home's roofing needs.