Three Things You Want To Know About Maintaining Chlorine In Your Inground Pool

If you have an inground pool, adding chlorine is part of the regular maintenance you will need to do. This can be done by using tablets and a dispenser, adding an inline dispenser, or using granules. Each of these has benefits and disadvantages, such as a dispenser helping to maintain levels or an inline system providing an out-of-the-way solution. If you want to keep your pool clear, here are some things you will want to know about adding chlorine to your pool:

1. Using A Dispenser To Maintain Chlorine Levels

Dispensers are plastic floating devices that you put tablets in and leave in the water to add chlorine. When swimming, these devices can be a problem, especially if you have children. Some people put them in skimmers, but this can damage filtration systems and seals. If you use this type of dispenser, it is best to leave it in the water when the pool is not in use, and remove it when there are swimmers in the pool, but never put it in the skimmer.

2. Adding Chlorine Granules To Maintain Levels

Adding chlorine to your pool is something that you can also do with granules. This is a loose form of chlorine that you can dissolve in a bucket to add to your pool. This can be a great way to maintain your chlorine, but it will also require that chlorine be added to your pool more regularly.  This is a great way to maintain chemical levels for optimal water quality. Using granules will require that you test water on almost a daily basis. This can be good if you need to quickly raise chlorine levels after heavy rains.

3. Inline Dispensers To Reduce Maintenance Shores

Inline dispensers are a great for inground pools. These are installed out of the way with other pool mechanical systems. This type of system will keep the chlorine dispenser out of your pool and automate the process of adding chlorine to your pool. If you want to reduce maintenance you have to do to your pool, this is a great solution. An inline dispenser can also help to maintain chlorine at a consistent level, saving your money on pool chemicals and treatments.

These are some things that you may want to know about methods of adding chlorine to your pool. If you want a practical solution, talk with a pool contractor like Easton Pool & Spa about installing an inline system for your pool.