French Doors For Your Patio

French doors can represent a timeless elegance or a modern feel. The double-hinged construction also allows a wider opening to the outdoors. If you've ever tried to move from the kitchen to the patio with your arms laden, you'll appreciate the usefulness of more door space. French doors come in different styles and materials, making them a likely choice for most patio styles. As you update or create your patio, consider adding French doors to the design.

Materials for French Doors

Most French doors have glass, so they tend to feature the same materials as for windows. Steel is the toughest and most durable of materials, but the design options are limited. Vinyl and aluminum are likewise somewhat limited in design, but they're sturdy and relatively maintenance-free.

Wooden French doors are elegant. The sturdiness and weight of the construction depends on the chosen wood, with hardwoods being both stronger and heavier. Fiberglass is a good compromise, offering the durability and low maintenance of manufactured materials. Fiberglass can be made to resemble wood, affording you more design options.

Styles of French Doors

As Home Garden TV points out, entryway French doors typically feature either full glass or window panes. Full glass models offer a more contemporary profile which fits in with modern, rustic or ranch style homes. French doors made up of numerous window panes are a classic look attractive for traditional, historical or cottage style homes. If you have a very traditional or historical home, consider arched French doors. This look can also be achieved with an arched transom window above standard French doors.

Window Treatments for French Doors

Most patio doors are meant to give a view of the outside. However, your interior design may warrant some window treatment, or you may desire occasional privacy.

While most homes open up to the patio via the kitchen, French doors also can lead out from a living room, bedroom or family room. In this case, match the style of the room in the window treatments. For instance, Roman shades work well in casual rooms, adding a pop of color and pattern.  However, a more formal rooms may necessitate full curtain panels that actually hide the door.

If controlling sun exposure or privacy are your main concerns, blinds are the way to go. Cloth blinds fit seamlessly with most styles. However, bamboo blinds are a stylish take for contemporary or rustic homes.