Want Tiles In Your Kitchen But Don’t Like Cement Grout? Epoxy Grout Is The Solution!

Are you planning a kitchen renovation and not sure if you want to use tile on the floors and/or backsplash? If so, one thing that may be holding you back from opting to go with the tile is the fact that the grout can be a bit of a pain to keep clean. If this is what's stopping you, you will be happy to learn that epoxy grout can now be used in place of the cement grout that is commonly used.

What makes epoxy grout better?

Stain Resistant

Epoxy grout is unlike cement grout because it is not porous. If you have had tile flooring in the past, you know very well how easily cement grout can become discolored and stained. Sometimes, the stains can be removed with a lot of effort, but other times, the stains are there until the tile is re-grouted.

Epoxy grout is easy to clean. It is stain resistant, so when you see that something has spilled on it, you can easily use a gentle cleaner and wipe it away. There is no need to buy special grout-cleaning products and have the grout resealed after scrubbing it.

Moisture Resistant

Unlike cement grout, epoxy grout is virtually waterproof. What does this mean for your kitchen? It means that you won't have to worry as much about mold and mildew growing in the grout from water being spilled on it.

The moisture resistance also helps with the stain resistance. If you spill a glass of your best red wine, you won't have to worry about the wine being absorbed into the grout. The liquid will remain at the surface until you get it cleaned up.

Can epoxy grout be used with all types of tiles?

Absolutely. If you want to use ceramic tiles on your floor and glass tiles on your backsplash, you can use epoxy grout to seal both. If you want granite or slate tiles, epoxy grout can also be used.

How is epoxy grout installed?

Epoxy grout is installed in pretty much the same manner as cement grout. The only difference is that it will be applied in two coats--the first coat to seal the cracks and the second to create a perfect finish.

Talk with your kitchen renovation expert about the option of using epoxy grout to finish your kitchen renovation job. You will love the ease of care and be able to go with the tiles you want without all of the work that goes into caring for cement grout.

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