Dispelling A Couple Of Prevalent Water Damage Myths

When your home has suffered extensive water damage, it is critical for you to have sound and accurate information about the repair process. If you are not armed with this information, you may find it very difficult to make smart decisions about your home's repair needs. In particular, you may fall victim to believing a couple of myths about this type of damage, but dispelling these false notions will help you become a well-informed homeowner concerning water damage and repairing it. 

Myth: Your Home Will Always Smell Foul After Water Damage

Some homeowners may think that their homes will always smell bad following major water damage. This is especially common for those that attempt to repair the water damage to their homes without professional help. These odors stem from the mildew, mold and rot that follow prolonged exposure to moisture.

However, this is not something that homeowners using professional water damage restoration services have to worry about. These services have the equipment needed to extract water that has absorbed deep into your carpet fibers, wood and drywall. Once this moisture has been extracted, industrial fans are used to increase airflow for rapid drying of any remaining moisture. Without these expensive and complicated tools, you will find it impossible to prevent your home from retaining a foul odor, and this is an important reason for choosing professionals for this type of work. 

Myth: All Water Damage Is The Same

There are some homeowners that are under the impression that all water damage is essential the same, but this is actually far from the truth. For example, sewage water requires a drastically different approaching to cleaning than water damage from a ruptured water supply line. 

Unfortunately, when your water damage stems from sewage problems, you may not be able to salvage fabrics that were contaminated by this water. Also, it may be necessary to replace any drywall that came into contact with the sewage. The need for replacing these items stems from the fact that it is impossible to properly sanitize these materials after this type of contamination. 

When your home has experienced major water damage, you will need to act quickly if you are to minimize the damage to your home. Unfortunately, if you are armed with inaccurate information about this problem, you may not fully understand the process needed for this type of repair. By understanding that these two common myths about water damage are false, you should be in a better position to have this type of damage to your home addressed. You can be more informed when you call professionals such as RTC Restoration.