Paint And Glaze – Creating A Custom Look For Your Interior

Are you looking for an affordable way to give the interior of your home a new look? Well, one of the most affordable options is painting. Do you want something with a little more character than plain old painted walls? Here, you will learn how to use paint and glaze to create a room that pops with character.

What is paint glaze?

Before you get started with the planning process, you should understand what glaze is. Glaze is a translucent painting medium that is mixed with traditional latex paint. It is used to create custom finishes using techniques and/or tools.

Glaze helps extend the wet time of the paint, which allows you to manipulate the finish. It also allows you to layer several colors of paint, while the base colors remain visible. This means that the first color of paint that you put on the wall will show through the glazed layers of paint, so choose your base color carefully as it will set the tone for the entire room.

What do you need to know about buying supplies?

When purchasing the supplies, know that you will use less paint than you will glaze. A good rule of thumb is to purchase one gallon of glaze for every quart of paint that you purchase with the exception of the base coat of paint.

If you are planning several layers of color, purchase a few cheap containers with air-tight lids. This will make it possible for you to mix several colors with the glaze and keep it in usable condition for several days. This can help to ensure that the colors you are using remain uniform around the room, and decrease the wasted paint and glaze.

How do you paint with a glazing technique?

You begin by painting the walls a base color. This color will be the primary color of the room. After the walls have completely dried, it is time to begin applying the glazing mixture.

The glaze finish can be applied using a sponge, rag, brush or even roller. How you apply the glaze depends on the finish that you want. You can even use tape and stencils to create custom designs on the wall that are not as bold as using straight paint.

Consider creating a test panel to use to try the glaze mixtures on before applying them to the wall. Paint a board with the base color and allow it to dry. As you mix the glaze, try the colors on this test panel to ensure that you are pleased with the color. If you desire a more subtle color, add more glaze. If you want a deeper color, add more paint. Consider pouring glaze into a container and adding paint by the spoonful until you reach the desired color.

Now that you know how to use glaze to finish your room, it is time to get creative. Your options are limitless, but if you don't feel confident in your abilities to complete this type of paintjob yourself, contact a contractor, such as Art Hoffstrom Builders, for assistance.