How a Deep Clean Can Make Your Hotel Look New Again

In order to make your hotel attractive to potential guests, you want to make sure it looks as cared-for and updated as possible. This means a sparkling lobby, clean and fresh linens, and terrific customer service by individuals who love their jobs. Your hotel's appearance is important, both in keeping your establishment in excellent condition and making a great first impression with travelers. Learn how a deep clean can make your hotel look new again.

Marble Cleaning

If you have marble floors or countertops in your lobby, or use marble as a decorative piece along staircases or entryways to convention rooms, then you want to keep these surfaces shiny and lustrous as much as possible. Unfortunately, any spills or scratches show up on this glamorous material easily, and can take away from the natural appeal of this stone. Professional marble tile cleaning services buff and polish your existing marble pieces to a beautiful sheen, giving them a whole new luster. This makes your hotel look new and fresh by making your marble the center focus of guests as soon as they walk in the door.

Bathroom Grout Cleaning

Many guests judge a hotel based on how clean the bathroom looks. You may clean the bathrooms daily and have sparkling sinks, toilet bowls, and bathtubs for your guests to enjoy, but stained grout can tell a different story. Professional grout cleaning removes impurities, stains, and any mold growth in your grout so your tiles and other furnishing looks new and fresh. If you have outdated bathrooms, a simple grout cleaning and restoration can give this space a like-new appearance that visitors can enjoy.

Other Things You Can Do

Consider polishing the desks and chairs in all hotel rooms so guests are given the impression that furnishings are newer than they are. Add soft and fuzzy throw blankets to bedding to help make older and more traditional blanket styles appear more trendy. If you have lamps in guest rooms, change the shades to a bright white or cream shade to really make every room pop. These small touch ups are inexpensive but make a huge difference in giving your hotel a modern and cared-for look that many guests desire.

You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to give your hotel the mini makeover it needs. Use these tips to make your hotel fresh and clean, and guests will appreciate the changes.