The Main Causes of Damage to Your Safe & How to Protect It

You will usually hear about the things that can damage the contents of your safe. And while that's important, you also have to protect the safe itself. The greatest threat to the integrity of the safe is from impacts and intentional damage.

Know the Main Causes of Damage

1. Impacts: Impacts are any blunt force applied to the safe. This can come from the safe falling or an object striking the safe. There are many innocent situations in which one of those things can happen.

2. Burglary attempts: Attempts at breaking into your safe can cause it a lot of damage. Even if the burglar doesn't succeed, it's very possible that your safe will have lost a lot of its integrity and sustained a lot of damage. Along with impact damage from burglars, you may also see damage from any or a combination of other things.

  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Prying
  • Explosives
  • Torching

There are many more, sometimes ingenious, destructive entry methods. These actions can cause all types of damage to the safe itself. They can also damage or destroy the safe's locking mechanism, whether it's a keypad or a traditional keyed lock.

Protect Your Safe

It's hard to predict if someone might attempt to burgle you. You may never know if you or a burglar may drop the safe on accident. A faulty, haphazard, or precarious installation can also cause the safe to fall.

There are some steps you can take to combat these dangers. You can seek out a safe with tougher impact resistance standards. You can also take time to make sure that you secure your safe.

It's true that a safe secures your items, but it's on you to secure the safe. That includes

  • Choosing a good location
  • Mounting it according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Installing it properly
  • Checking on its condition at least once a year

These steps will help to keep your safe secure. The location will keep it away from eyes that shouldn't see it. The mounting will keep it firmly rooted. The installation should keep it from leaning, tipping, or falling. And if you check to make sure that these things are still true after a year, then you should be all right.

Repair the Damage

If your safe does suffer damage, it's possible that a professional safe repair service can get it back into shape for you. They cannot repair all damage, but don't assume that they cannot repair yours. Contact a safe repair service such as Mike's Lock & Key and see what they say. A good safe is expensive, and if you can save your safe, then you should go for it.