6 Landscaping Ideas To Put Life Back Into Your Backyard

If you're tired of looking out over a bland backyard, create a space you can't wait to get out into. Whether you enjoy hosting parties are want to keep the yard to yourself, transform your backyard this spring into something to make your neighbors envious. These landscaping projects will turn your yard into a relaxing getaway through your back door.

Walking Paths

Using flagstones, granite tile or river rock, creating a winding path through the yard. Place small benches or chairs at intervals to sit and meditate. Design the path around small flowerbeds or other focal points. This creates a simple space in which to walk, relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.

Metal Sculpture Park

Design your own version of a gallery of metal art in your backyard. Decide if you want it to be classy or kitschy then go on a shopping spree for hammered iron-work roosters or stainless steel moving wind art.  Have a landscaper clear out circles in the yard and put down a mulch base on which to stand each art piece. This makes yard maintenance easier.

Water Features

Tall, spreading fountains, waterfalls flowing into shallow pools and bubbling water features throughout the backyard create another relaxing landscape. Position the water features within flowerbeds to emphasize the connection that water has with nature.

Putting Green

Practice your put whenever you wish with your own putting green in the backyard. Create a patio off to the side of the green with bistro tables and chairs. A nice touch is an outdoor bar in the patio where you can fix your favorite drinks to celebrate a hole-in-one.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you like to spend spring and summer cooking in the backyard, then design an outdoor kitchen area with a fire pit and outdoor grill. Forget the standard picnic tables and place small tables and chairs around the fire pit. These give you places to eat, relax and socialize around the fire on a cool evening.

Birding Paradise

A landscape service (such as is provided by JK Landscape Construction) can help you plant your yard to attract many of the local wild birds. Create feeding stations throughout the yard for different birds. A flowerbed of salvia and zinnias close to your patio will draw hummingbirds. A bird feeder midway out in the yard will draw chickadees and wrens. Place suet and peanut feeders out in the distance to bring in the shy woodpeckers and flickers.

Combine several of these design features to create a yard that you won't want to leave. Stop looking at a bare yard when you can fill it with landscaping features that make you want to be out in it.