Try These Repair Tips When Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling Well Enough

One of the advantages of buying a high-end refrigerator is its durability. It should last for years as long as you perform simple maintenance tasks to keep it in good shape. If you fail to service your refrigerator, it may become less efficient at keeping your food cool. Here are some things to do when your refrigerator isn't keeping your food as cold as it should.

Check The Thermostat Settings

First of all, make sure the settings haven't been changed on the thermostat. You may have bumped it when loading food into the refrigerator and changed the temperature. The settings should usually be in the middle range and maintain a temperature of 40 degrees or less in the refrigerator section and 0 degrees in the freezer section. If you need to move the dial into the low or high settings to maintain the proper temperature, then you should call a refrigerator repair person to diagnose the problem.

Test The Light

If the light inside your refrigerator doesn't go out when you shut the door, it can raise the temperature on the inside. To check if the light is out, use a knife to gently lift the seal around the door. If the light is on, adjust its position to see if it will go out. If it doesn't, you should unscrew the bulb (so the light doesn't burn constantly) and then call a repair person.

Examine The Seal

To check if the seal is bad and allowing cool air to escape, close the door on a sheet of paper. If you can easily slide the paper out of the door, the the gasket should be replaced. To keep the gasket in good shape, be sure to clean it with warm water frequently to keep food stains and grime from building up and interfering with its ability to get a tight seal.

Clean The Coils

Your refrigerator has condenser coils on the back or bottom of the appliance. These collect dust and pet hair over time and cause the condenser to work much harder to maintain the proper temperature. It is easy to clean them yourself with a coil brush you buy at an appliance store. Be sure to turn off the power to your refrigerator first. If the coils are underneath your appliance, remove the bottom grill and slide the brush inside and run it along the coils. Then use your vacuum with the crevice tool to pick up all the dust and hairballs you knock onto the floor. If the coils are behind your refrigerator, you'll probably have to pull the appliance away from the wall so you can access the coils and perform the same cleaning procedure.

If these steps don't help your refrigerator cool down, it's time to call a professional like the Appliance Service Station Inc to service your appliance. One of the side benefits of making the repairs to help your refrigerator cool properly is that it also helps your refrigerator run more efficiently, which prolongs its life and reduces your energy bill.