Creative Color Combinations For Your Bathroom

Color is one of the first things you notice in a room. This is especially true if the room features unusual or creative color schemes. Complementary color palettes feature hues on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Triadic palettes, on the other hand, offer three colors equidistant to each other on the wheel. Select a complementary or triadic color scheme for a creative update in your bathroom.

Nautical Theme

Primary orange and blue is too bright, right? The complementary colors become chic when you darken the hues to nautical blue and terra cotta. Look for a wallpaper that features those two hues, and pull one of them out for the paint job. Use the other as your accenting color. Play up the nautical theme with accessories such as seashells and sponges either within the color palette or neutral.

Updated Industrial

Gray always adds elegance to a space. Add silver and sharp edges, though, and you channel a definite industrial vibe. Start with a pebble gray palette in your bathroom, and add a muted bright color such as mustard yellow. The walls should be painted a lighter pebble gray, and the majority of the fixtures should be somewhere on that spectrum, too. Reserve the mustard for a picture frame, towels or toothbrush holder.

Spring Fling

Green and blue are classics for a bathroom palette. Mix clear colors of the two for a lively ambience reminiscent of spring. Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting by having the walls painted sandy beige. The shower stall gets tiled in turquoise blue, and the accessories showcase spring green. Look for towels or a rug that combines the two colors for cohesion in your décor.

Stately Victorian

The palette of blue and green becomes stately when you add a deep color such as midnight blue. Start with wallpaper or tile in midnight, turquoise and green. Draw the midnight blue out by painting the walls that color. Lighten up the ambience with an open or floating vanity, glass medicine cabinet and shiny fixtures. Use the green and turquoise as accent colors in this triadic scheme.

French Elegance

Blue and green give another ambience when they're muted and lightened to French blue and sage green. Again, start with wallpaper or tile featuring these colors. Draw the blue out in your paint job and the green in a sage green vessel sink. The elegance comes from the addition of stark black. Look for a simple black vanity paired with a geometric black mirror. Make sure all of the lines in the bathroom stay crisp and clean in your décor.

Painting and papering or tiling your bathroom adds an instant update. As you plan your bathroom makeover, consider adding an artistic flair with your color palette, whether featuring two or three hues. Contact a company like Capital Construction for more information.