Keeping Your Construction Site Operating Through Bad Weather

If you're a general contractor, one of the biggest challenges you may face on a daily basis is how unpredictable the weather can be. Pushing through the rain, cold and snow may slow you and your crew down but it shouldn't put a halt to your construction project. Here are a few ways that you can keep your construction site operational during cold winter months when weather can be treacherous and unpredictable:

Curing Concrete

The concrete foundation of your project or new construction build is one of the most important elements of the job. If the concrete does not set properly it can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to the structure of the building. Concrete that does not cure properly can lead to cracking, buckling and poor settling that will have to later be repaired and replaced. Consider using concrete blankets to protect newly poured concrete slabs and foundations from overexposure to snow and ice.

Curing blankets provide an insulating factor that helps maintain the heat of hydration—allowing the concrete to cure properly—especially if there is a fluctuation in outdoor temperatures. You can also use curing blankets as protective covers for concrete pouring machines and related equipment. This will help machinery maintain a proper temperature if exposed to colder temperatures. Choose from foam, bubble and polyethylene varieties that will suit your specific needs and budget.

Jobsite Enclosure

When the weather is blowing and snowing or spitting ice, it's important to find refuge and still be able to finish the construction project. Make sure to protect projects that are currently under construction by using strong or woven reinforced poly tarps that will help provide a layer of protection from the weather. Reinforced poly tarps can be used to enclose any area that you are working on. Choose a medium to heavy weight fabric or material to prevent rips and tears. You can also use poly sheeting to provide a makeshift garage for tools so they stay protected from harsh weather elements. 

Clearing The Jobsite

Keeping your worksite free of as much snow and ice as possible allows you to work in a safer environment. It's important to have a snow removal company on standby to ensure that your job site is ready for you and your crew in the morning or anytime a major snowfall arrives. Hiring a company to remove snow frees up you and your crew to get right to work, remain on task and meet needed deadlines. Having a clear worksite can also reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries on the job.

Marking Your Worksite

If you know snow will be falling soon, it's important to mark your work area so you can identify where you left off when you return the next day. It's equally important to mark off areas that may be unsafe or dangerous. Items to use may include:

  • Construction-grade fencing materials such as reinforced poly-sheeting materials
  • Bright-colored cones
  • Caution tape
  • Safety nets that will enclose a work area and also keep extra snow at bay

Marking areas is one way to keep you and others safe on the job.

Not only do tools and equipment have to work harder in cold or bad weather, construction projects can also be affected. Making sure the project turns out right means using products that help ensure the best results.